Member of the german knifemakesorganisation (Deutsche Messermachergilde e.V.)


I am a cutler, learned by trade (graduated as a journey man) and making cutting tools, especially knives, daggers and short swords.

For my blades I prefer low alloyed tungsten tool steels
1.2550 (60WCrV8)
1.2552 (80WCrV8)
1.2519 (110WCrV5)
1.2516 (120WV4)

I use sometimes simple carbon steels and spring steels.
The use of stainless steels is rather a exeption.
All heat reatings are done by myself.

Thank you to all people who helped me to develop myself to the current level.


AS - Schmiede
Andreas Schweikert (german webpage)

Wildfang Design

Jean-José Tritz

Mathias Maresch
(german webpage)

Pyraster (Fazekas József)